Asbjørn Midtgaard and GCU struggled down the stretch on Tuesday night in an 84-74 loss to Colorado in Las Vegas. Courtesy GCU Athletics.

WAC Wednesday Rant – CHEER for the WAC in Non-Conference Play

Some days, it is hard to promote WAC Hoops. And some days it’s almost hard to cheer for teams. It is almost like common sense goes out the window for the fans. Cheering for WAC schools to fail in non-conference games is mind-boggling. Do fans not realize that the better teams play in non-conference games, the better off the conference will be as a whole?

Twitter came to life yesterday in response to a tweet put out on the WAC Hoops Digest account. And it followed through to Wednesday morning where the debate has been going on about whether or not a certain team is good.

So, this podcast episode is a little rant about supporting ALL WAC schools in their non-conference games. Hate them when your team plays them in conference play. That is fine and understandable. But, what doesn’t make sense is cheering against schools in your conference against schools from another conference.

Everyone talks about the WAC being mediocre and needing teams to step up. Yet, when teams do step up, even if it’s in a close loss, it’s almost not good enough. Can you imagine being a double-digit underdog, hanging with one of the better teams in the country, and getting bashed because you didn’t win the game?

There have been seven games against Pac-12 schools in 2020-21. In five of the seven, WAC schools led late but couldn’t finish. In the other two, Seattle just played really bad. Here are the KenPom rankings of the seven Pac-12 schools. UCLA at 29. Arizona State at 55. Utah at 63. Colorado at 24, USC at 35, Washington at 116, and California at 133.

And yet, outside of two of those contests, WAC schools either led or were within a point with five minutes to play.

Cheer for your conference opponents in non-conference games. Give credit where credit is due. Common sense.

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