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"Non"-Con vs McNeese

"Non"-Con vs McNeese

"Lose a game, gain a game" is probably going to be the slogan for the season. It has been thus far. The Jacks last-minute scheduled a "non"-conference game with McNeese (yes, we know they are in our conference but we weren't originally scheduled to play vs them during conference play so it's technically a non-con) on Friday night. They are coming off an absolute wild off-season filled with hurricane after hurricane pounding down on Lake Charles and they were FIRED UP. Thankfully that fire was tamed during the second half of the game and our Jacks came away with the DUB. Lots of work to do and more to learn but we think this team can absolutely go far into March.  This game was an uphill battle until the bitter end but what else is new for 2020. KNOCK IT OFF, WILL YOU? 

Next, the Jacks play ANOTHER last-minute scheduled game vs LSU-Alexandria at WRJ on Sunday, December 6th at 4 pm.  #AxeEm 

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