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Jacks vs Islanders- Away and Home Games

Jacks vs Islanders- Away and Home Games

You are in luck--two for the price of one Jack Fans!!!

Alex and Jacks decided to give you a double-trouble podcast episode with both Texas A&M CC games, the one in CC and then one back at home in Nac at the same time! What a time-saver, right? Both games were W's but both games felt extremely different in their own ways. Hear us talk about all the good and all the bad in this edition of PMA. 

Coming up this week we have not 1, not 2 but 3 (three) GAMES!!!! One makeup game on Monday @ UNO, then away at UCA then back home on Saturday. Strap in Jack fans, it is going to be a busy week. Pray for traveling grace and safety during this wintery week in the South. #AxeEm #Jacks #PMA 

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