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Jacks @ UNO

Jacks @ UNO

What a wild game this one was! While Winter Storm Uri was barreling down on us, the jacks traveled to UNO to take on the Privateers, a game that was already rescheduled due to Covid issues. Technical fouls were flying left and right, players on both sides dropping dimes like hot potatoes, and a video feed that made us feel like we were smack dab in the middle of Christmas shopping season at Walmart because it was so chaotic. Tune in as we talk about it ALL. 

We've had games canceled and postponed since then due to Winter Storm Uri, that JERK, so now we have only ONE home game left vs ACU in March, and the rest are away games. Jaclyn and Alex are heading to Northwestern on Wednesday to watch our Jacks take on the Demons ONE LAST TIME IN THE SLC. #AxetheDemons 

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