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Happy Duke Upset Anniversary, Jacks!

Happy Duke Upset Anniversary, Jacks!

On this day, one year ago, we were heading to Cameron Indoor to watch our Jacks play Duke. Little did we know what that night held in store for us.  Let's relive that TODAY, on this very special 1 year anniversary of the upset of the century!!! 

We have a special edition podcast episode for you, Jack fans featuring Mr. Last Minute Lay-up himself--- NATE BAIN!!!!!!!! 

In this very special episode, Alex and Jacks talk with Nate about everything and anything Duke game-related. From the moment they found out they were playing Duke, to pre-game, during the game, and all the madness that ensued after that game-winning layup! He also gives us an update on the GoFundMe campaign and the rebuilding of his family home, church, and school in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian and what he is doing now post-graduation!  

If you want to WATCH this interview live, go to our YouTube channel at:  https://youtu.be/yT_ZPRlgx5Q

**We had to video chat with Nate (he lives in Killeen, Texas now) so if there are moments of static or poor audio, we apologize!**

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