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Aggie Weekly - New Mexico State Needs Two Wins to Claim Outright Title

Aggie Weekly - New Mexico State Needs Two Wins to Claim Outright Title

The unthinkable happened on Saturday. New Mexico State lost at Chicago State. Yes, you read that correctly. And in the process, the Aggies made the road to the regular season crown a little more difficult. Instead of clinching a share of the regular season crown and the No. 1 seed on Saturday, the Aggies now have to win twice in order be the outright regular season champs. If New Mexico State loses on Wednesday against Stephen F. Austin, and then Seattle and SFA win out and the Aggies beat Utah Valley, all three teams would share the regular season title. New Mexico State would still be the 1-seed.

But, the Aggies don't lose at home. In fact, under Chris Jans, the Aggies are undefeated at the Pan Am Center in conference games. So, that is the good news. The bad news is the Aggies get red-hot Stephen F. Austin on Wednesday and then have to take on Utah Valley on Saturday in the regular season finale. Not an easy two-game stretch. 

SFA has won 8 straight games. And Utah Valley is the lone WAC team to beat the Aggies at the Pan Am Center since 2012. 

It is all about focus for the Aggies as Adam Young eludes to in this episode of Aggie Weekly. 

Image courtesy Charlie Hurly/NMSU Athletics.