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22-23 SZN Finale & WACVegas Recap!

22-23 SZN Finale & WACVegas Recap!

Alex and Jacks go over the entire season and give out our own awards! Then we discuss WACVegas Tourney and all our fun experiences!

We want to thank EVERYONE who has supported us over the last 5 seasons of doing this.

We don't get paid. We still have full & 2 part-time jobs each that we have to contend with during the season. We don't have unlimited funds to travel and buy tickets to every sport nor are we retired with nothing to do but attend games. WE ARE TIRED by the end of the season. We support every sport and team. We COVER the men's basketball team. That is all we have time for. That is all we have room for in our schedules.

But we do this out of love for basketball & the coaches but especially the players. We do this because we want to and we can't wait for next season already!

We will have a few more episodes during the off-season as per usual and one about March Madness as a whole. But until then...


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