The beach is a great recruiting tool.
Perhaps CBU Head Coach Rick Croy used the beach as a recruiting tool to get WAC Player of the Year Milan Acquaah to come to Riverside. Courtesy Reagan Lee/CBU Athletics.

Beach Workout, Learning from Adversity, Voter Registration Among Wednesday Bullets

Imagine having the beach in your own backyard. What better feature to have in regard to recruiting? Not only recruiting but to be able to work out right next to the ocean. A day at the beach is a good time.

Overcoming adversity and focusing on getting registered to vote are some of the other bullets we have for you on this Wednesday morning.

Practice at the Beach

The California Baptist University campus is located in Riverside, California. It’s about a 30-40 mile drive to the famous Newport Beach. And on Monday, Sept. 21, the Lancers made the trip and had themselves a day at the beach. 

CBU video coordinator Danny Burger caught it all on tape. Pushups and other calisthenics along with some attempts at surfing. Can you imagine being head coach Rick Croy and having a trip to the beach as part of your recruiting pitch? It could be a big reason why Division I transfers Elijah Thomas, Gorjok Gak and Russell Barlow all chose CBU. Either way, a day at the beach is a great way to beat the quarantine, wildfires and overall craziness that is 2020.

Overcoming Adversity

For some, all they have ever heard with regard to Croatia is about war and tyranny. The Bosnian War and The Croat-Bozniak Conflict are two of the more recent ones although they happened in the 1990’s. And while Chicago State freshman point guard Ana Haklicka wasn’t born yet, she still knows all about dealing with adversity.

Perhaps her positive mindset is why she chose Psychology as her major. She is motivated and a lot of that, according to her bio, comes from the people around her. Considering that the Chicago State women’s basketball team has won just three games over the last two seasons, being able to overcome adversity will be a strong trait to have. 

Voter Registration

In all reality, we could just simply post all the tweets talking about registering to vote. There has been a significant push to get student-athletes registered to vote. Not only that, teams have said they will take Nov. 3 off in order to allow student-athletes to vote. This is a great thing as everyone should practice their civic duty to vote. 

Dribble Drill

Dribbling is an essential skill to have to be successful in basketball. It is why this last bullet is dedicated to the UVU women’s basketball team. The Wolverines, in a circle at half court, performed a very impressive dribble drill that requires precision timing and absolute focus. 

The question, though, according to UVU sports information director Jason Erickson is who did it better? 

Just an update. The WAC Hoops Digest Podcast will be returning next week. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, we will have an episode available. You can subscribe to the podcast on Podbean. You can find us on iTunes or even on the Podbean app. We are trying to get it to more platforms, as well. So, be sure to follow us on Twitter and check out our Facebook page, as well. The season is right around the corner. Be safe and let’s make sure we have a 2020-21 college basketball season. 

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